Firm Profile

Tucker & Latifi, LLP is a New York City-based boutique firm, consisting of three attorneys and support staff. We specialize in protecting intellectual property worldwide, such as trademarks, copyrights and designs (through patents and design registrations), through our network of over 40 associated firms around the world. We also specialize in licensing matters and the prosecution of violations of our clients’ intellectual property rights through anti-counterfeiting and infringement litigation and the cooperation with U.S. and foreign Customs officials and various State and Federal law enforcement agencies assisting in the criminal prosecution of counterfeiters.

Over the years, we have collectively brought in millions of dollars in settlements for our clients in anticounterfeiting litigation. We seek to protect our clients’ rights in the most cost effective and expeditious manner.

Our client base is spread throughout the world from Los Angeles to Florida to New York and Zurich, Switzerland, Germany and England to Brixen, Italy. We make it our goal to visit and learn as much as possible about our clients’ businesses so that we can guide them appropriately with the resolution of legal issues and the necessary expansion of their intellectual property protection.